The Annie Oakley connection

Interesting to discover family links to legends of the Old West.

From the book Annie Oakley, by Shirl Kasper:

“…Sitting Bull had given Annie a picture of himself, a large feather from the head of a Crow chief, and the original pair of moccasins he’d worn in the Custer fight. There had been witnesses, not the least of whom was Major McLaughlin, and from the Arlington and Fields Combination Tin-pan Fields, the Sunlin Brothers, Heffern and Professor Morrison, Ace Levoy, Sarsfield and Flynn and Miss Allie Jackson.”

That was in April 5, 1884 in St Paul, Minnesota.

Lew and Allie/Marie had been married in 1883, so they would have been newlyweds at this point.

Annie Oakley was with the Sells Brothers Circus at the time, and we know Lew was listed with Sells by 1888 and probably before that.

Lew’s brother William J. Sunlin is listed as doing circus work in 1881, but with another circus. Certainly if his brother Lew was touring with Sells in 1883, he could have added his brother to his act. William wasn’t married to Grace until 1890.



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