Jesse James and me

jesse_james_portrait_in_colourIt’s obvious that my great-grandfather named most of his children after the famous outlaw Jesse James. This was not unheard of at the time. What’s interesting (to me) is how closely dates and places line up.

The children of Joseph Sunlin (1855-1899):

  • Bessie Sohnlen (b. 1879, Michigan – d. 1958)
    • Bessie’s daughter Jessie Anna Carney (1901-1954)
  • Jessie Jane Sunlin (b. 1881, Michigan – ?)
  • Joseph Jess Sunlin (b. 1888, Minnesota – d. 1961)
  • Mark Lewis Sunlin (b. 1893, Minnesota – d. 1935)

Jesse James (1847-1882)
Great Northfield Minnesota Raid (1876)


One thought on “Jesse James and me

  1. Coincidentally, we lived in St Paul in the 1960’s and my brother Mark belonged to a cowboy action shooting club in Shakopee, MN, about 40 miles from Northfield. I don’t think any of us were aware of the connection at that time.

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